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29/01/2022 in fiction
A short story where two men sit, talk and drink vodka in an abandoned tavern


21/01/2022 in fiction
Two filmmakers read reviews on their latest film.

An Ode To Chaos

04/12/2021 in essays
Why chaos and randomness shouldn’t be feared but appreciated and used.


19/10/2021 in fiction
A short story about a guy who gets addicted to fortune cookies.


01/10/2021 in essays
On obsession with writing, hustleporn connoisseurs and being prolific

On Languages

04/07/2021 in essays
On random facts, drinking, talking, and the world’s tangle

On Memories

27/06/2021 in essays
Childhood memories, old computer games and Tame Impala


02/06/2021 in fiction
One man's experience of going on a pilgrimage to find a superior self

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